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> July 19th, 2013 ---

The 1990s were a great time for video games, as developers were able to create engaging franchises for the first time. Some of those titles proved so popular that we’re still seeing new entries.  But hey, as long as they’re still good, who’s complaining?

  • Kirby floats back in on Kirby’s Epic Yarn. “Yarn” is the keyword here, as it looks like the entire game was literally stitched and crocheted by a very imaginative grandmother.  Over 50 levels, gamers engage in the same side-scrolling gameplay that they’ll recognize from yesteryear, but with a few interesting twists (for example, Kirby can now roll his enemies into balls of yarn, and transformations now take place at predetermined times, which allows for more in-depth levels catering to the new form’s special powers).
  • Nintendo’s flagship Italians, the Mario Bros., return in one of their most traditional outings yet, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The game isn’t based off of any particular classic title, but long-time fans will recognize the major points.  Princess Peach kidnapped?  Check.  The villainous Bowser (King Koopa)?  Check.  Simultaneous multiplayer gameplay?  Check.  Waitwhat?  Yes, direct tv ann arbor, even though simultaneous multiplayer hasn’t been featured since the 1983 Mario Bros. arcade game, it’s back here.  The game also features a “Super Guide” feature in which Luigi will appear and guide the player through the level after they die eight times.
  • The raddest hedgehog in video games shines in two new titles.  First, there’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, available on iOS, Playstation Network, WiiWare, and Xbox Live Arcade.  This traditional 2.5D platformer loses the excess characters and gameplay dynamics that have diluted the series in recent years, making Sonic the only playable character and offering all the ring-collecting, dash-spinning, and loop-de-looping you could ask for.  The other new title is Sonic Colors, which features both 2D and 3D stages.  For the first time in a 3D Sonic game, Sonic can transform into Super Sonic after collecting 50 rings.  Sonic can also get special abilities by collecting Wisps, an alien species being farmed by Dr. Eggman.
  • The Metroid series has always been strong, but Metroid: Other M is one of the best yet, and also one of the most different.  Simply put, the game is a battle from start to finish, with humongous, deadly enemies backing you into a corner at every turn.  There are still hidden items to find for eager explorers, and the graphics make every battle feel as real as possibleand well-worth your hard-earned dough.

Games That We Love That the Critics Shunned

> May 22nd, 2013 ---

When you are someone who loves video games, it can get a little tiring to hear about the latest Call of Duty and Halo games over and over again. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying the big games out there, take a moment to consider some of the games that did not get the critics raving and waving stars.

If you are someone who is invested in horror games, take a moment to consider Amnesia: Dark Descent.The whole story can be found at July 2013

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